Gestrument and Jesper Nordin in Filter Magazine!

Interview with Jesper Nordin in Filter magazine

Founder, CEO and composer Jesper Nordin is featured in the new issue of the Swedish magazine Filter. 

Excerpt from the article:

Gestrument is the name of your instrument. How would you describe it?
– It’s music technology, a middle ground between an instrument you play and a composed piece. Gestrument interprets data through a sensor that reads for example hand movements in the air or scenes from a video game and redirects it into music composed from a soundbank and synth tones, says Jesper Nordin.

The interview was made when it became official that Gestrument will be part of the big annual winter meeting organized by Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The meeting will take place at Stockholm Waterfront on the 3rd December. 

Read more about the event here!