Childrens Workshop

Gestrument – An interactive performance where movements create music.Is it possible to play on a musical instrument that has neither strings or keys? How does it feel for a child to play on a full symphony orchestra, an electro-beat or an Indian sitar with a sweeping motion in the air? What happens when children’s movements suddenly generate sound?

From these questions a projects was formed with the aim to find out how to introduce the technology Gestrument for children, and them the opportunity to create new music without any requirement of practical or theoretical musical knowledge.

– Gestrument is all about creating music from movements. During the process of developing this workshop, I noticed that Gestument also generate new kinds of movements. When the children realize that they are creating music with their whole body, they also become very interested in trying out new ways to express themselves, says choreographer Lotta Garthon.In 2012 the contemporary music ensemble Trio Trespassing with Niklas Brommare, Daniel Frankel and Jesper Nordin, gave school and family concerts in the greater Stockholm area. A traditional concert format was expanded with interactive features. The musicians invited the kids to play with them on stage. The children was accompanied by the musicians when standing in front of a motion sensor, connected with the Gestrument App.

From this moment it was clear how fearless the children seemed to be when exploring the possibilities of Gestrument. The children created music in and outside of different genres as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
To extend this further, choreographer Lotta Garthon was involved together with dancer Mikael Strid and musician Jonas Kjellberg, to create a workshop for children. Together with them, the participants will discover Gestrument and at the same time get concrete examples of different scales, rhythm and instrumentation.

– With this workshop, the children will feel that it is possible to create music, without ”knowing” music. We wish to strengthen their self-confidence and get everyone to realize how much they can create by just being themselves, says Lotta Garthon.

This project was made possible with the support from Music Development and Heritage Sweden and Kulturbryggan, in collaboration with GRAME Lyon.

The company Gestrument AB has changed its name to Reactional Music Group AB
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