GESTRUMENT PROIntuitive Gesture Instrument

Play, improvise and compose music in real‑time with the motion of your fingertips or your favorite MIDI hardware.

Create your musical rules and improvise within them

Gestrument PRO is a music-making app for iOS, letting you create music in a completely new way. Create your musical rules –  scales, rhythms and sounds – then play this musical DNA in real-time with the help of the generative music engine. 

Make music interactive with our patented musical AI enabling an unprecedented level of personal expression and human touch. 

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An intuitive music-making app for the beginner.

It’s easy for anyone to get started!

  • Swipe your finger to play music in real-time
  • Try the different presets. You wanna play heavy metal or classical strings? Unleash the musician within you!
  • Dig deeper into the musical rules and discover what defines a certain groove
  • Start composing your own interactive music and invite friends to jam.

A powerful tool for the professional musician, performance artist or producer.

Get full control over your sound and the musical DNA 

  • Improvise directly on your favourite grooves, sounds and harmonies to unleash your creativity like never before
  • Assign sliders and cursor position/pressure to any parameter in the instruments for expressive improvisation directly on your musical rules.
  • Tweak parameters ranging from velocity behaviour to legato and effects. Customize parameter curves, gradually randomize certain instrument aspects and feel how the music comes alive as the details get perfected.
  • Sync Gestrument Pro to the rest of your interactive music system using the built-in MIDI, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support.

Play music in real-time with full control of scales, rhythm patterns, durations and pitch ranges.

Set the rules of your music and then play it as an interactive instrument.

  • Play up to 16 individual virtual instruments simultaneously, controlled by one or multiple cursors.
  • Set up generators for rhythm and pitch behaviour separately for each instrument.
  • Switch between scales, tonalities and rhythms during your performance
  • Use up to 8 performance sliders that each can control one or more parameters in the instruments and their generators.
Piano MIDI hardware

Integrate with your MIDI tools or connect to your synthesizers

Make your hardware act as a generative music tool.

  • Connect your MIDI hardware as input device
  • Control you external synthesizers or apps through MIDI outputs
  • …or just play the instruments with the internal high quality sounds.

Download to your iPad or iPhone and try it yourself!

Download on the App Store!
ipad with music-making app gestrument pro

Learn more about how you can make music interactive with Gestrument PRO

#1 – Basic Overview and introduction

#2 – Rhythm Generators and Beatmaking

#3 – The Pitch and Chord Generator

#4 – MIDI, Sync and External Synths