ScaleGenCreate your own advanced custom scales.

Introducing the worlds first multi touch Scale tool. Create your own advanced custom scales and import them into Gestrument.

You think you know what a scale is – think again. In ScaleGen you can do all that you would traditionally imagine when it comes to scales and pitch organisation, and then much more.

Define or change scales in the most detailed and intricate way. Audition the scales you make from within the app or export it as a MIDI file or use Gestrument to try out the scale you’ve made.

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This is the tool for anyone who wants to go beyond the traditional tonalities in whichever genre you choose. ScaleGen comes with predefined scales of all kinds – from the traditional Western scales and early music scales to Asian scales from India, Indonesia and elsewhere.

ScaleGen Tutorials and Demos

Gestrument and ScaleGen


ScaleGen version 1.2 MIDI in

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