Gestrument In Concert

Although Gestrument is most often played on a touch-screen it can also be connected to a motion-sensor camera such as Kinect.

Two of the worlds leading classical musicians –  conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen and clarinet soloist Martin Fröst – will both be using Gestrument in the world premiere of Jesper Nordin’s massive orchestral piece “Emerging from Currents and Waves” at the Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm on August 31:st.
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Here are some press voices on an earlier piece by Nordin – ”Emerge” for Clarinet, orchestra and Gestrument:

Fröst seeks answers in the music and works together with composers to create unique programmes. Among the visionary pieces is Emerge, by composer Jesper Nordin. With the help of a motion sensor he controls a virtual orchestra with his movements, creating a whole new palette of sound colours.

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Breaking musical boundaries: Martin Fröst’s daring journey | Euronews

Jesper Nordin’s ”gestrument”, a gesture controlled digital orchestra-app, is as if made for Fröst in the piece ”Emerge”. Sometimes evocative like the sound-waves in the sea of tears from Bartók’s ”Bluebeard’s Castle”, and sometimes howling against the analog orchestra – everything controlled superbly by the virtuoso Martin Fröst and his enchanted clarinet.

/Dagens Nyheter, Sweden
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Even as Fröst conducts the orchestra — and plays his clarinet — he’ll also use a motion-control app to add music from a virtual orchestra to the sounds of the SPCO.

At times Fröst stuck out his hand like a traffic cop. Others, he waved like he was washing a window. At least once he looked like he was throwing an elbow in a soccer game. And the whole time, he had his clarinet glued to his lips. With his gestures he was playing an instrument, actually called the Gestrument. Its inventor is also the composer of “Emerge,” Jesper Nordin.

“And it is very subtle, the instrument is very subtle. You have to learn it just like an instrument, so I am learning it in this moment, and hopefully the day after tomorrow I (have fully) learned it. Hopefully!” Fröst added. 

/MPR News, USA
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The company Gestrument AB has changed its name to Reactional Music Group AB
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